Tuesday, March 20

Have Faith

{my 6th tattoo: AVERE FEDE is italian for HAVE FAITH}

Avere fede, that has always been my mantra in my life. When things are not looking good? Have faith. Always. And I have to say it kept me going amidst life's difficulties. I've been meaning to get a new ink since January when my husband got his tattoo. Back then, I already know what I want done. Three months later, I reckon now is the perfect time to get inked. Before I even get my medical check for my visa. Just enough time for the new ink to heal so it will be included on my health check since tattoos would require an additional blood test.

{i was surprised it didn't hurt, instead it tickled me}

The whole session lasted less than 15 minutes. It didn't hurt, instead it tickled me. My good friend, Beverly done a good job and she also done my engagement tattoo on my back. Having a tattoo artist as a friend has its con tho...when you have the itch to get inked, it's easy and fast to get one lol.

{finishing touches}

Overall I am pleased with the result: clean and simple. Finally I can rest with my tattoo obsession... Maybe lol.   We ended the day with coffee and some bolognese. Nomnom!

{Coffee Dream's pasta bolognese and irish latte}

Have a grand day!!
xx Renee

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