Friday, February 10

Oh Happy Day!

What a wonderful sight!

On most days I just like to wear my favorite ripped jeans with a plain tee and my trusty Havaianas slippers. I am pretty much low-maintenance like that. Just top it up with bright red lipstick on my lips and of course my go-to bag, the Cambridge Satchel then I am set. Today I had a short visit to the local eye shop to get my eyes checked plus I also need some fresh lenses. Turns out I have astigmatism. Damn you computer!!! Lol But I don't worry much because it can easily be corrected with rest and prescription lenses. :] But that is not the highlight of the day. As was wandering, I noticed this oh so familiar sight! ZOMG! Topshop sale/buy one get one free!! Who could resist that?! Certainly not me. And definitely I didn't come out empty-handed. Oh happy days!!

Mirrors. They always wanna make us take pics. Lol!

What I wore:

top Cotton On
jeans American Eagle
bag Cambridge Satchel Company

My hauls: 2 bright colored silk tops, long wallet, pencil-cut skirt

xx Renee

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