Tuesday, February 21

IFB Project: Pin the Runway

When I heard about this week's Independent Fashion Bloggers' project I can't help but join. And yes I confess...I am addicted to Pinterest. I joined when it was still in beta and you needed an invite to get in (I think you still need an invite to join). I feel special already teehee! I have 48 boards and 1825 pins as of this writing but don't you worry!! I will return back to pinning as soon as I am done with this post. Lol!

So back to this week's project. Independent Fashion Bloggers is an online community of fashion bloggers looking to build a better blogging experience. Every week the organizers come up with a project where all members can participate in. For more information on the organization or if you want to join us visit this link. This week's project involves Pinterest and the recently concluded New York Fashion Week Fall 2012. The task is simple, you just need to make a board on your favorite NYFW runway looks. Here is a portion of my entry:

If you think I am done with my board, NO I am not! Lol! I haven't covered all designers yet but hopefully I will get chosen as one of the winners of this week's project. Good luck to me! :]

p.s. To those who are addicted to Pinterest like me, follow me and I will follow back. And for those who wish to join Pinterest, leave me a comment with your email add so I can send you an invite. :)

xx Renee

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