Wednesday, August 17

IFB Project: What's inside my 11" Cambridge Satchel Company Bag?

Hey guys! This week's Independent Fashion Bloggers' project is on what's inside our bags. This is my second post featuring what's inside my 11" Cambridge Satchel Company bag (first post here). I totally love this satchel: small and sturdy and of course very eye-catching! This time though I have stuffed more items inside my cute handbag. I am normally a 'big-bag' kind of person but this Cambridge Satchel totally changed my life. I didn't mind limiting my daily essentials just so I can use this beauty. So, without further adieu I'll show you once again what's inside my favorite bag.

what's inside:

1. 11" Cambridge Satchel Company
2. id / passport holder Accessorize
3. pen
4. ruled notebook
5. foldable shoes Flipsters (featured here)
6. comb Hair Doctor
7. wallet Anna Sui
8. mobile phone iPhone
9. make-up kit (face powder, bronzer, eye shadow, lipstick)
10. bag hanger LadyBag
11. perfume Dior Addict
12. camera Sony (not shown)

I don't really think what's inside my bag can really describe me as person, probably only up to a certain extent. I mean if I can only fit my bedroom in a bag then heck yea I will! Now that is one funny thought lol! But if you are going to ask me what is the most important thing in my bag (aside from my wallet of course :P)? I would say my phone and camera. I truly love taking pictures especially when I am hanging out with my friends. Nothing beats capturing wonderful memories thru pictures. :)

What about you? What's inside your bag?

[photos by MOI]

xx Renee

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  1. My bag is full of notebooks... Lol being a student means i have no choice but to carry around school stuff!!


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