Monday, August 1

For My Man: Date Night

I got to admit, I am very much particular with my man's choice of clothing. Flashback 3 years ago, my husband (then boyf) was into big shirts, baseball caps flipped to the side, super loose jeans...Oh the horror!! Fortunately for me, he was cool with my suggestions and now I have to say... He shops more than I do (kinda!) and is totally vain! Hello?! 15minutes in front of the mirror? But who am I to complain? He looks good and I am happy. :)

So here are my picks. For my man: Date night.

Polo Ralph Lauren, western denim shirt

Givenchy, wool-blend varsity jacket
Incotex, linen-blend shorts
Yves Saint Laurent, mid topdeck sneakers
Le husband, LOVELOVE!

[photos via Mr.Porter]

xx Renee

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