Sunday, August 14

DIY: Embellished Scarf Necklace

 what you need:

scarf or any lightweight fabric (you need enough for a 33" x 12" piece)
silver chain - 4 yards
small pieces of different chains
2 brooches (any)
needle and matching thread
sewing machine (you can also hand sew. but it takes longer)


1. Cut your fabric into a 33" x 12" piece.

2. With right sides together, sew the rectangle into a long tube. Turn right side out.

3. Turn the raw edges under and overlap them, making a circle. Then sew.

4. Double up your chain so it is 2 yards long. Work with the double chain as you go, treating it as one chain. Begin at the middle point. Wrap the chain around the fabric tube twice. Feed the other ends of the doubled chain through the halfway point loop and pull. Avoid pulling tightly.

5. Lay the chain along the fabric for about an inch. Hold that chain at that point and wrap the chain around the fabric tube. Bring the ends up and run them under the wrapped part and pull until snug.

6. Continue wrapping and looping around the bottom of the fabric tube. Keep the distance between loops the same except over the stitched line. That can be a bit longer. When you get just above the stitching, wrap the chain around the tube four times.

7. Sew the end of your chain.

8. If you have chain leftover, trim it off. Fold in half your two contrasting chain pieces.

9. Sew the folded ends to the fabric tube at the top of your wrapped chain on the left side.

10. Sew your brooches on the left side, just above the seam. Making sure the seam is covered properly.

 And you just created your own scarf necklace!

*disclaimer: DIY's featured in my blog are not done by moi unless stated otherwise.
Authors of these amazing projects are properly credited in my post.
[diy/photos via Flamingo Toes]

xx Renee

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