Thursday, August 4

Blogger Spotlight: Erika

I first met Erika of when I first started in IFB.
Super sweet girl and I love how we adore similar pieces in fashion. 
She's got style most definitely and this is why I chose her for this very first issue of 'Blogger Spotlight'. 
So let's get to know the lady behind Fashion Herbal Soup.

[SS] Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Erika and I'm a model/fashion blogger. I'm a Malaysian-Chinese, been studying/living in Australia for quite a fair bit of time now and have just graduated recently from uni. I love fashion as much as everyone else does, and probably go a little too crazy about fashion some of the time. Apart from that, I'm actually absolutely in love with music; when I'm free I'd play the guitar and sing like there's no tomorrow (I'm planning to start doing singing vids ;) Hmmm, what else about me....oh, I am also absolutely in love with desserts especially everything green-tea related (e.g. green tea tiramisu, green tea frappucino, green tea macarons, green tea cheesecake ....okay the list goes on...). Last but not least, I have a massive weakness for blazers and leather jackets (I can't stop buying blazers and leather jackets even I already have 10 of em, it's a major disease).

[SS] Who influences your personal style:
I think the biggest influence to my personal style would be my mum and my elder brother. My mum has always been a fashionista herself from a young age (she made her entire wardrobe when she was a teenager!). She always tells me that trend isn't everything, and clothings that make a person shines are those that are comfortable, elegant, humble and translates confident. As for my elder brother, he was born with an artsy brain and style/art comes naturally to him. He's more like my personal style guru since I was a kid, and I learn everything fashion pretty much from him! 

[SS] How would you describe your style:
I would say my style is more like simple, sometimes mysterious, but I always love to add a hint of rebellious chic to whatever I wear (hence the collection of leather jacket! hehe). I think my style is pretty close to the mix of these 3 Australian designer brands: Aje, Ksubi, & Bec&Bridge. 

[SS] Why did you start fashion blogging:
Fashion has always been a massive hobby of mine, I've actually been blogging since 2007. My blog was just like an online personal diary of mine, I blog about what happened in my life etc, occasionally fashion posts. Somehow my fashion posts started to flood my blog and I didin't even realised I've stopped blogging about my personal life! Hence I finally decided to completely change it, deleted my personal posts, and changed into a fashion-only blog to quench my thirst for fashion :).

[SS] Tell us a bit about your modeling career and your ultimate aspirations:
I've always loved modeling since I was a tiny midget (I did my first runway show when I was in pre-school, modeling kids clothes :) I got a taste of modeling back in 2009 when a small on-line clothing shop contacted me to model their clothes. Since then I love modeling even more and started free-lancing whenever I got the chance. Now that I have graduated from uni I have all the time I want to focus on modeling. I'm currently in the process of finalising things with a local agency so they can start representing me :) My ultimate aspirations in modeling would be to walk the Prada show and get shot by Mario Testino hehehe, it's a massive dream but oh well, I'd love to keep believing it :)

[SS] Who is your favorite fashion blogger and why?
My favourite fashion blogger is Natalie Suarez from . I love her so much not only because she's an inspiration to me as a model/music lover, but also because her style is absolutely amazing. She is so versatile that it seems like whatever style she wear just works like that, effortless! Her blog is so awesome with all the vids and photos she posts that I always enjoyed so much reading it and never get disappointed! Definitely a must-follow I should say. :)

You can visit Erika on her site and follow her on twitter.

xx Renee

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