Tuesday, August 23

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I had been slacking the past days. I blame the weather. It's like bipolar: rain in the morning and the sunny in the afternoon. Pretty weird huh? Well I checked my site today after MIA and I was totally surprised to see I had 1200+ visits yesterday. Wow seriously guys, that's amazing! I don't even know why and how but you all rocks! If only I can personally thank everyone who dropped by. All I can do really is reply to your comments and smile. :) So here is my turn to thank and recognize my peers for their wonderful blogs. Please do visit them like I do. :)

First, special thanks to Erika of  Fashion Herbal Soup and Lalaine of Violet Crayola. They've been wonderful to me since day one and it's been a pleasure getting to know such wonderful ladies.

Here are some small requirements for awarded bloggers:
- Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
- Answer some questions (below) to let people know more about you.
- Tell the world 6 random things about yourself.
- Spread the love and awards to 15 other awesome bloggers!

about me:

Favorite color - white, grey and green
Favorite song - any Nine Inch Nails song and Sade's No Ordinary Love
Favorite dessert - red velvet cake
What pisses you off - liars
When you're upset you - talk to my BFF, shop / window-shop, chill at Starbuck's
Your favorite pet - pug!!
Black or white - white
Your biggest fear - dying
Best feature - my BFF often say I got nice feet lol
Everyday attitude - I am sucha moody person, so I can't tell specifics haha!
What is perfection - Waking up in the morning next to the one you love. And I really think a person is most beautiful in the morning when he/she has just woken up.
Guilty pleasure - spicy Cheetos, Starbuck's red velvet cake and Cadbury's three wishes

 7 random things about me:

1. I can't walk on high heels. Unless its wedges.
2. I got 5 tattoos.
3. I took Architecture in college.
4. I played volleyball and football (soccer).
5. I am anti-social.
6. I am married.
7. I play 'solitaire' on my phone to help me fall asleep. Weird eh? lol!

Check out these awesome blogs:

*uhmm yea, I gotta pick 15 but  chose 10 instead. :D

xx Renee

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