Wednesday, July 13

Newspaper Nails

Finished product.

I thought about writing about a particular topic on a regular. So I present to you my Do-It-Yourself Wednesdays. I've came across a lot of DIY projects that are easy to make and of course they're super trendy!

what you need:

- your choice of nail polish 
- top coat lacquer
- vodka (or any available alcohol - i used isopropyl/rubbing alcohol)
- newspaper strips
- scissors

Materials needed.


1. put on nail polish and let it dry.
2. dip fingernail in alcohol.
3. press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail onto your alcohol-soaked nail.
4. pull newspaper off slowly.
5. paint top coat if desired.

Press newspaper strip into your nails.

[diy/photos via here]

xx Renee

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