Sunday, July 17

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I always complain about how my feet hurts every time I wear high heels or wedges, I am just not used to them. We all know high heels are sexy and can add more style into an outfit but really sometimes you just wanna take off your shoes and walk barefoot lol! Believe me it happened to me numerous times already. So I was excited to find this incredible product - foldable flipflops! They come in white, silver, brown and black. And what's good about it is they can fit anywhere even in a small purse. How cool is that!

 The genius behind Flipster's sole saving comfort is the creative way in which they fold. Flipsters unique "triangle" folding pattern has been tried and tested to work with the motion of your natural walk. Thanks to these angles, Flipsters will only fold when you want them to - and remain super sturdy while you're wearing them on your feet.

Twin Flipsters in brown and black
Me and my bff both got one, hers is in brown and mine in black. I wore them immediately because my feet are killing me! It's just the most amazing thing, small on size but big on comfort!

Me wearing my Flipster

Flipsters are available at Ladybag and res|toe|run outlets in Ayala Center and in SM Cebu. And don't miss out on Ladybag's ongoing promo: just print and present the coupon below and get up to 40% off on Hedgren bags and Travel Gear. Happy shopping!

xx Renee

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