Tuesday, January 4

Happy New Year's!

NYE fireworks from our rooftop

Where have I been the past few days? Just here, been busy keeping up with the holiday spirit. :] So it's the new year, new year's resolution anyone? I am not the one to keep a resolution list but I will instead say (or should I say 'write') my thanks to the people who mattered the past year. :]

To my fam:
For keeping up with my immaturity. I know I can be a handful but they're still there for me. Thank you!

To my husband:
Thanks for being there all the time. And thanks for supporting my addiction (shopping) lol! I couldn't ask for more. Love you!

To my bff:
Thanks for giving me ideas on what to buy next. haha! Like really, we got some serious problem but I don't wanna stop. :p Thanks for everything! Luff chu always!

To my friends:
Thanks for a great 2010! xoxo

ps. I will be mass-blogging tomorrow on stuff I done during the holidays. :]
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