Tuesday, December 7

Starbucks Christmas Traditions Card

So you will know the holidays are coming when Starbucks starts their planner promo. Their promo often runs from the first week of November to the early part of January. Basically all you need to do is collect stickers enough to fill up your Starbucks Christmas Traditions card. I already got 6 stickers (yay!) but I still need 11 more (ew). So what do I get once I complete the card? I get a nice Starbucks Planner complete with freebies (woohooo!). So what are you waiting for? Go grab your own Starbucks Christmas Traditions card. :]


The Starbucks Christmas Traditions card.

Only got 6 stickers. Boohoo.

Here's video brought to you by Starbucks, 'The 12 Days of Sharing'.

[all photos are by MOI, video by Starbucks]

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