Sunday, December 12

Something Old, Something New

I woke up from a really weird and amusing dream. I would normally doze back to sleep but I didn't. I am too excited to be meeting with Z after arriving 2 days ago from Vancouver. Even the rain didn't stop me from feeling ecstatic!

I wore my favorite ripped jeans with a top I got from mum's closet. I opt to wear my flats coz I might wanna wear my new ALDO booties that Z has got me from Canada. Weeeeee!! Turns out I need to practice wearing heels more coz the booties are just too high to be walking around the mall. Sigh.

Me switching back to my trusty flats after trying the booties for 5 minutes.

Me with Z having lunch at Mooon.
My BFF was too shy for the camera. :P

Shopping!!! (they're not mine, promise)

We just can't end the day without having our daily frap fix.

Peppermint sprinklers!

BFF and her haul.

It's really nice catching up with close friends you haven't seen in a while. For sure this won't be the end of it. :]

[all photos are by BFF]
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  1. very pretty pictures here :D i like your blog! :D XXXX ♥


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