Monday, December 13

Latest Buy

Last Saturday, I was out with my girls and guess what we did? We went shopping!! We met up at Ayala Center Cebu early to avoid the rush considering it was a weekend. First stop: Mango. I got their PNL Rubber Leggings as seen here. I've been obsessing about it for a month and when we went there they still got 1 available on my size. Weeeeeee!! Next stop: Topshop. With the new leggings I need a top that would go well with it. I tried their Long Sleeve Tri Marl Tee (as seen here) in gray with my leggings and I'm sold. Best part is, it was on sale! We've also visited a few other shops but I didn't get to take photos anymore. So, here are the photos.

Rubber leggings from Mango.

Topshop's fitting room.

Topshop's long tee with Mango rubber leggings.
(I got big thighs, sigh.)

At Bayo. Their fitting room is too small for us.

My favorite Flojos flipflops.

[all photos are by MOI]
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